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Bringing Healthy & Happy Families to Issaquah Plateau
Heathy Bodies

Aching pain keeping you up all Night? Dr. David Farrell has recieved 5 star rating for his work in joint and back pain.

Healthy Travels

Planning a Family Trip? Dr. Mary Lambe is Top-Rated in her field for her work in Travel Medicine.

Healthy Families

Our team of Family Physicians is here to keep your family healthy 365 days each year.


We are Here to keep families feeling good
Lakeside Family Physicians provides family-centered healthcare for adults and children.

Family medicine specialists offer their patients healthcare for either an individual or an entire family that is structured to include the patient in medical decision-making.

Family medicine specialists evaluate each medical issue within the context of a patient’s life, assessing those factors that contribute to overall health.

Our specialty is unique in that we are specifically trained to care for both adults and children through their life cycle including prenatal care, delivery and end-of-life issues. When further specialty care is needed, we will act as a liaison and coordinator of your total healthcare needs.

  • Family Medicine

    All of our physicians practice family medicine

  • Women's Health

    All our physicians practice women's health

  • Joint pain and health

    Dr. Farrell is strongly recommended for back and joint pain

  • Travel Medicine

    Dr. Lambe is top rated in her field for travel medicine.


Meet the Lakeside Family Physician Team
Dr. Maplethorpe
Dr. Amy Olsen
Dr. David Farrell
Dr. Mary Lambe


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